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Can’t help but love this!


Can’t help but love this!

Hey ive followed you on fiction press for allot of years finally figured out ur on tumblr I would like to say from me and a friend we are in dire need of updates on your charms and curses and also my toaster thinks im crazy I would love to see more of your writeing you are the bomb!!!!


Working towards updated, I PROMISE

Are you still alive? I read Charms and Curses back in High school and decided to go back and read it once more, still loving it thought it's not completed, was wondering if it was another one that was being rewritten?

Not dead. Graduated and doing the soul-sucking job thing. Will rewrite eventually. Thanks for the check up!

I tracked down MTTIC again (I've read it a couple of times and it's one of my absolute favourite stories on fictionpress) and I found the link to your tumblr. And I now read something about you rewriting and it coming soon. THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS! I feel like someone just gave me back the piece of my soul I lost when it never got finished.


I’m working towards it.

Hey!! I've been reading Charms and Curses, absolutely loved it by the way, and there WAS a sugar glider familiar among the girls that went and got kidnapped. Anyway I'm DYING HERE!!! Please please please in the name of humanity please update!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

I’m getting there!

Hi, I'm a huge Charms and Curses fan, and I was wondering if that's another one you are rewriting/going to continue? I hope so, I want to read more adventures of Dawn and Shasta. Much love!

I will come back to it eventually. Just starting on that whole “life” thing that happens after getting a degree. :/





Dude, we got the same corset. HI FIVE BRO


Feminist Frequency: Ms. Male Character

This is such an important point, but so many people don’t seem to understand it. When dealing with systemic issues like racism, sexism, transphobia or homophobia, big-picture trends trump individual or anecdotal contradictions. 

Just as identifying a wealthy person of color doesn’t prove racism is over, pointing out games that might avoid these sexist tropes does not negate the larger, systemic problems in the industry and culture.





#in which Bruce Banner finally finds somebody who isn’t afraid to kid around with him #because he has a sense of humour after all #’i’m sorry, that was mean’ anyone? #but everybody tiptoes around him because ‘oh shit, he’s a monster’ #but then he meets Tony #someone who’s not afraid to be around him #someone who might actually be a friend #and that means so much to him and permeates so deep that even when he’s the fucking Hulk he still wants to save Tony’s ass #because by not treating the Hulk like a monster, Tony stopped him from being one


#because by not treating the Hulk like a monster, Tony stopped him from being one.


Why yes *coughs* hello there. *Twiddles thumbs* I is confused. Is you rewriting and posting the edited chapters NOW, or is you rewriting all of them and then reposting whole story?

Rewriting everything first. It’s a task.